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Back To Work

Essential travel during COVID-19 can be done safely with our chauffeur service

Covid-19 Chauffeur Service

We’ve been busy over the last 7 weeks keeping up with Covid-19 pandemic developments and what, as a chauffeur service business, we can do to make life easier and safer when the time comes to gradually being able to re-start our normal lives, including getting back to work.

The government are taking their first cautious steps by relaxing some restrictions, but at the same time telling us to stay alert, control the virus and save lives. In particular, we’re told wherever possible, we should consider a return to work, however, we’re advised to maintain social distancing and to avoid public transport, to minimise the risk of higher levels of contact with others. So what are your options? You can drive yourself, walk to work or cycle, but if none of these is feasible for you, the Parkers chauffeur service can help by offering personalised transport options to accommodate specific needs of individuals and families.

Our clients are critically important to us and whilst offering travel solutions we want to provide the safest options that are in line with government guidance, relating to the Covid-19 pandemic. As a result, we have introduced strict working protocols to ensure you can travel as safely as possible and the following measures have therefore been introduced to our chauffeur service;

· Vehicle sanitising machines

· Sanitising hand gel provided for passengers and driver

· Sanitising spray for hard surfaces

· Sanitising wipes for door handles and touch-points

· Disposable gloves

· Disposable bags for safe discarding of single use items.

The above items will be used before, during and after each chauffeur service journey, as appropriate.

Stay Alert     Control the Virus   Save Lives

If you need to book a trip you can do so easily via our online booking system.

If you would like to discuss any VIP or executive travel plans then we’d love to hear from so contact us here.


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