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Could you also have an overnight success?

I think it came as quite a surprise to one of our clients last week how straight forward and cost effective it was to arrange a two day trip to Buckinghamshire with our chauffeur drive service. On this occasion the passenger was the Design Director for a leading interior design company and her responsibility entails a lot of travel around the UK, overseeing development projects.

Mercedes S Class

Since the Coronavirus outbreak, travelling for work has certainly become more challenging, particularly from a safety point of view. Whilst it remains important that our passenger continues to meet with her clients, it was important to reduce other non-essential contacts, therefore public transport was simply out of the question. An alternative option would have been to drive herself, however, because of the distances involved there'd be a huge amount of wasted, unproductive time which may well have added another overnight stay, further adding to costs.

As soon as we explained that we'd only charge for the time our driver was physically on call and not for the entire two day trip, the numbers were very much in favour of using our chauffeur car service.

When all was considered our client had the benefit of safer, Covid compliant travel, that provided a time-efficient, door to door option that enabled her to work en-route whilst saving valuable time and money. In the circumstances there was no contest really!

If you'd like to discover how economical our longer distance single day or multi-day trips can be, please contact us on 0333 666 1777 or email to advise your specific requirements and to get a no-obligation quote.


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