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As an environmentally responsible company we have taken specific action to help save our planet with our unique carbon offset scheme and the introduction of luxury hybrid and electric vehicles.

From the very early days of providing our chauffeur service, we’ve had the policy of running a very up to date fleet of luxury vehicles, regularly changing them to the latest models available. In doing so, we’ve ensured that the vehicles we’re operating benefit from the latest engine technology, thereby increasing operational efficiency and significantly reducing emissions. It has always been important to us to ensure that we can mitigate, as far as possible, any environmental impact of our business operations. In recent years, we wanted to go much further to demonstrate our commitment to protecting the environment which is why we have introduced an eco-travel chauffeur service to completely offset our carbon footprint for our entire business, as well as introducing luxury hybrid and electric vehicle options.

You can travel anywhere in the UK, safe in the knowledge that we will compensate for all vehicle emissions by planting trees, therefore your business and private trips will all be carbon neutral. We were the first chauffeur company in the UK to help protect the environment in this way. The beauty of this eco travel scheme is that it’s automatically provided for each and every journey with us. There’s no extra charge and no additional scheme to join, all you have to do is to book your future journeys with Parkers Executive Chauffeurs to ensure you can participate in our eco-friendly service.


Our scheme is assured by the UK governments Woodland Carbon Code and this year we expect to plant in excess of 750 trees. This involves calculating how much our travel generates in CO2 greenhouse gas emissions, then buying a share in a project that aims to offset these by planting sufficient trees. Our current project is based in Northumberland, located in an area known as Lanterside which therefore helps to protect our own local environment. In this way, no matter how much you travel with Parkers, you’ll always know your journey will have a net zero effect on the environment. We choose tree planting because trees have a huge capacity to absorb carbon from the atmosphere.

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