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"To Be Useful In All I Do"

The North East is attracting more and more film makers and it’s a tribute to the fascinating history and fabulous scenery that the region has to offer. Only weeks after Hollywood superstar Harrison Ford and the cast of the next Indiana Jones movie were here, other film makers were hot on their heels. This time it was a celebrated film Producer Gabrielle Tana, award-winning Director Karim Ainouz and the production team looking for suitable locations for the forthcoming historical drama, ‘Firebrand’, about the life of Catherine Parr, sixth wife of King Henry VIII. Catherine’s life lived up to her own motto “To be useful in all I do” being instrumental in the upbringing of Henry’s children and being appointed as Regent and temporarily Head of State during Henry’s absence. She was arguably the most interesting and accomplished of all of his wives. During a busy exploratory day we visited both Bamburgh Castle and Chillingham Castle, potentially being considered as suitable backdrops for this period drama.

At Parkers Executive Chauffeurs we have over 20 years experience of showing visitors around the region, but it’s even more exciting to know that film makers are also fascinated by the grandeur of our centuries old historic monuments and the backdrop of the breathtaking and unspoilt Northumberland scenery.

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