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Spectacular Places to Visit in the Northeast

Castles of the North East

Have you ever felt the sting of regret from missing out on something truly spectacular? Prepare yourself, each place is an experience, a memory waiting to be created and to pass them by would be akin to missing a moment in history. From majestic castles to celestial observatories, this corner of the world has woven together history, nature, and artistry in a tapestry so rich that it draws visitors from all corners of the globe. Not being part of this global conversation, not bearing witness to these marvels, might just be one of those life decisions you'll look back on and wonder, "Why didn't I go?"

Here are nine incredible places we love in the Northeast:

1. The Farne Islands: Venturing into the waters, the Farne Islands are nature's wonderland. The iconic Billy Shiel's boat trips are the perfect way to navigate this marine treasure trove. While landings on the National Trust islands aren't currently allowed, you can enjoy an array of wildlife sightings from the boat - from seals and puffins to the occasional dolphin. Afterwards, indulge in Seahouses' seafood delicacies and relax by the harbour.

2. Chillingham Castle: An ancient castle that sends shivers down one's spine with its stories of hauntings. Tracing its history back to the 12th century, it has played host to many royals. As you roam its corridors, you might just encounter the White Pantry ghost or hear mysterious whispers in the Chapel.

3. Kielder Observatory: Nestled in Northumberland's Dark Sky Park, Kielder Observatory promises a celestial experience like no other. Here, you can gaze upon the Milky Way, spot distant galaxies, and enrich your knowledge about the vast universe.

4. Hadrian's Wall: This magnificent stone barrier spanning 73 miles stands as a testament to the Roman era. Dive deep into its history, explore forts like Birdoswald and Housesteads, and witness the unmatched beauty of its surroundings.

5. Durham City:

Durham City

Renowned for its majestic Durham Cathedral, this city weaves almost a millennium of history. Admire the cathedral, explore Durham Castle, stroll by the River Wear, and delve into the city's rich past through its museums and heritage centres.

6. Bamburgh and its Castle: (Main Photo) Overlooking the sea, the iconic Bamburgh Castle boasts a history that spans over 1,400 years. Legends of dragons, tales of royal dissent, and the compelling story of Grace Darling are but a few of the enchantments awaiting you.

7. Angel of the North:

Angel of the North

Dominating the Gateshead skyline, this majestic sculpture is a beacon of hope a testament to the region's industrial legacy. Standing tall at 20 meters, with an awe-inspiring 54-meter wingspan, it's not just a statue but a symbol of pride and resilience.

8. Beamish Museum: Step back in time at Beamish Museum. Experience life as it was in the 1900s town, interact with the coal miners and experience life in a real pit, tour the museum aboard an historic tram and indulge in classic Edwardian sweets and treats.

9. St James Park:

St James Park

A testament to the passion for football, this iconic stadium stands as the fortress of Newcastle United FC. a capacity of over 52,400, its structure and ambience are nothing short of magnificent. Admire the statues of legends like Jackie Milburn, Alan Shearer, and Sir Bobby Robson that stand sentinel around the stadium.

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