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The VIP Chauffeur Experience

The luxury VIP chauffeur experience, with complete discretion assured

Airport Chauffeur Driven Cars

It would be the easiest thing in the world to reel off a whole list of celebrity and VIP clients we’ve worked with over the last 20 years, however, our code of conduct denies us this indulgence. Suffice it to say that over the years our VIP Chauffeur Service has been used for so many important events, as diverse as royal visits, ambassadors and politician’s travel, as well as for the requirements of film and TV celebrities, sporting legends and captains of industry. Whilst it’s a tremendous privilege and a real pleasure to look after so many important individuals, it naturally comes with a certain responsibility to protect their privacy. So, apologies in advance, but there won’t be any juicy revelations here!

Our VIP Chauffeurs are crucially important to how our VIP service operates. They are hand-picked for their backgrounds and experience often either ex-professionals or from a law enforcement environment. Given a particular brief, they prepare meticulously, as they’ll often be required to go airside to collect visitors off a private aircraft, for example, but the same attention to detail is applied in all circumstances. A Parkers VIP Chauffeur will remain flexible, as on many occasions we’re asked to provide an “as directed” type of service and consequently working without a planned itinerary, they are therefore picked for their local knowledge and ability to think on their feet.

I can recall when working away from our usual home territory the circumstances were somewhat more challenging. For example, whilst working on the MTV Awards in Glasgow I was asked, with only a few minutes notice, to take some members of the band U2 to a hotel on the shores of Loch Lomond, truly a VIP chauffeur service requirement. That involved some very hasty research and incredibly quick route planning! On another occasion, on a completely different event, I was tasked with having a conference speaker collected from a different airport than the one intended which was 3 hours drive away, with the flight landing in only 2 hours! Again with quick thinking and being able to call in some partner resources, this situation was also rescued, in the nick of time. We’re nothing if not flexible and resourceful!

If you need to book a VIP chauffeur you can do so easily via our online booking system.

If you would like to discuss safety or any aspect of your requirement for a VIP chauffeur call us today on 0333 666 1222 then we’d love to hear from so contact us here.


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