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Parkers Chauffeurs Convoy Specialists

In the last 18 months we’ve seen an increase in demand for specialist VIP and VVIP client chauffeur services that require higher levels of expertise. Our response to this isn’t merely to polish the car and put on our best suit. Sure those things are important to create the best possible impression, but they’re only part of the storey. It’s about correct planning and preparation that demands a high degree of attention to detail.

For this reason we have introduced specialist training for all of our chauffeurs to enable us to provide exactly what the customer requires. This includes sometimes critical elements, such as scoping out primary and alternative secondary routes, destination access, specialist convoy driving techniques and liaison with security personnel. For some very special occasions this even includes a police blue light escort which requires a whole additional set of skills. Our training regime is an ongoing process to keep our drivers at the peak of performance.

In the last couple of years we’ve been privileged to look after Royalty, Presidents, Ambassadors, Diplomats and Captains of Industry that this service is aimed at, however, there’s also the benefit of a trickle down effect, making our chauffeurs some of the best trained operatives in the industry.

Excellence as a standard, not an option!

For more information about our award winning service, please call 0333 666 1777 or email us at


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