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Still Open For Essential Travel

Private Jet

Whilst we have still been operating throughout the pandemic, levels of work have been significantly lower than normal throughout this period. There have still been a few people that have needed to travel to meetings for essential purposes and we're happy to have been there for them, including some VIP's who arrived by private aircraft the other day, for an important local meeting.

Since the announcement by the Prime Minister last week about our route map out of the current restrictions, we've noticed a steady increase in enquiries for the months ahead, which of course signals a rise in confidence. Most of these have now been confirmed, which tends to indicate there is a genuine pent-up demand and a desire to recommence travelling again, as soon as it is feasible and allowed.

Initially it seems those most likely to travel first are those that can take advantage of personalised travel options, such as private aircraft and chauffeur car hire, rather than public transport, which clearly helps to reduce the risk of transmission.

Judging by the positive effects of the current restrictions and the success of the vaccine roll-out there is likely to be a surge in demand for all types of transport options, once we move into phase 3 from 17th May and again for phase 4 on 21st June when hopefully all remaining restrictions are due to be lifted. In the mean time, we'll continue with our Covid compliant protocols to ensure everyone stays safe and well and we can all look forward to a fantastic summer of freedom!


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