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Silverstone VIP Event

The first choice to work with the Mercedes F1 team!

Mercedes AMG F1 Team at Silverstone

Parkers Executive Chauffeurs were lucky enough to asked to compete to provide our chauffeur car services and logistics expertise for a high-profile event away from our traditional home territory. We were honoured to work with a German Event Management company on behalf of Mercedes AMG Petronas and of course, best placed to provide this service particularly because of our mainly Mercedes chauffeur car fleet makeup.

The event involved taking care of a number of VIP event guests visiting from across Europe for a multi-day track experience at Silverstone. There were some fantastic cars there from the Mercedes AMG C63 to Mercedes AMG GT63 Coupe and even the Mercedes F1 car, although that was reserved for 6 times world champion Lewis Hamilton, who incidentally also put in an appearance!

Although we were able to drool over these supercars briefly, we were there to work, so slightly more sedate chauffeur car transport was provided for the guests to and from the event, but of course, all still under the Mercedes brand! As usual we had to make this as seamless as possible, which is where the expertise comes in, combined with a lot of hard work of course and extremely long hours. The whole event involved months of planning with the VIP event organisers to ensure all circumstances were catered for and of course, always with contingencies to cope with unexpected eventualities. As part of the package, we also provided onsite coordination, to ensure arrangements went to plan and vehicles and drivers were always in the right position at the right time.

The whole event was hugely satisfying and successful, so much so, we were pleased to be invited to work again with the same VIP Event Management company on behalf of another large international client, this time in central London, but more of that later!

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