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Same Day Return – Chauffeur Car vs Train

When your business trip looks easy, but turns into a nightmare scenario, it’s worth taking the time to consider all of your options. That’s certainly true when one of our clients was planning a trip to Newmarket. On looking into the feasibility and cost of achieving this journey by train in a single day, it soon became apparent that this would be not only difficult, but actually impossible. As well as notching up nearly 9 hours on the train journey alone, with the inconvenience of having to suffer 3 changes in each direction this would have been bad enough, but we discovered it would mean our clients having to stay overnight and travel home the following day. Besides the inconvenience of loosing a second day travelling, the total cost of the trip would have escalated significantly.

Fortunately the solution to the dilemma was simple. By using our chauffeur car service our client was comfortably able to complete the visit in a single day, with our stress-free, convenient door to door service and at a much lower cost. Both of our passengers were able to take advantage of our free onboard wi fi enabling them to work en route, answering important emails and phone calls, in a superbly comfortable and secure environment, usefully improving their productivity whilst on the move.

For these longer distance journeys and in particular those more difficult destinations to reach, clearly chauffeur car hire can be significantly more efficient and cost effective even when compared to public transport.

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