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Safe Travel During The Coronavirus Pandemic

It looks like at last things are beginning to take a turn in the right direction, with enquiries being made for our chauffeur driven car service, particularly for longer distance travel. One of these recently was to take family members from the North East back home to Stratford upon Avon. Interestingly, I think this journey would have normally been done on public transport, however, the passengers were aware of the current higher risk of using this option and therefore preferred to follow government guidance.  Fortunately, we were able to reassure our clients of all the additional measures that we had put in place for their safety, including the use of face masks and hand sanitiser for both them and their chauffeur, as well as the vehicle being cleaned and sanitised prior to their journey.

The trip itself was very straight forward, particularly with traffic being much lighter than normal, so our passengers were able to sit back, relax and enjoy what turned out to be a much shorter journey than expected. I think for this type of journey, it’s easy to underestimate the convenience of a true door to door chauffeur car service, drastically reducing not only travelling time, but also the usual hassle of waiting for connections and having to contend with lots of heavy luggage.

Whilst this booking was for private individuals, I cannot help but think about the convenience and efficiency that can be achieved for similar length business trips. Taking into account the time saved and the productive time that can be utilised throughout the entire journey, with our free onboard Wi Fi, it could easily turn out to be also the most cost-effective option!

If you need to book a safer journey you can do so easily via our online booking system.

If you would like to discuss safety or any aspect of your requirement for a safe chauffeur service call us today on 0333 666 1222 then we’d love to hear from so contact us here.

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Troy Sosa
28 ago 2021

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