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Safe & Secure Longer Journeys

Chauffeur Driven Cars On Longer Journeys

We’ve noticed a resurgence in longer distance journeys recently, as we believe chauffeur car travel is considered as a safer option to public transport. Of course, as always, there are probably cheaper forms of travel, but because we can offer a personalised service with a guarantee of Covid-19 health and safety protocols, we can ensure your travelling environment is as safe as it can possibly be. From face masks, sanitising sprays and hand gels, everything is prepared ready for your safer journey with us.

On a recent chauffeur car journey to Stratford upon Avon the passenger was able to choose a large vehicle despite there being only one person travelling, providing that extra peace of mind afforded by even greater social distance in addition to the above measures.

With traffic conditions being relatively light at present, the journey went without a hitch, in fact the passenger even remarked about how quick and comfortable her chauffeur driven journey had been, compared to the hassle of public transport. With our door to door service we were even able to cut around 2 hours off the journey time, compared with travelling by train!

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