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Safe and discreet chauffeur travel for WHO Director General

Discreet Chauffeur Service For The World Health Organisation Director General

There’s so much going on in our fine city and it’s an honour for us to be asked to be involved in so many of these prestigious occasions requiring a chauffeur service. Through our work with Newcastle University this has included visits such as that of Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Director General of the World Health Organisation, here to receive an award of Honorary Doctor of Medicine.

It’s always a pleasure to meet such important and influential people and to be able to provide our reassuringly welcoming chauffeur service, that provides a safe and discreet travel environment for visiting VIP’s. During Dr Tedros Adhanom’s journey from Newcastle Airport he received a very important call regarding a developing situation in another part of the world and he was able to discuss this in complete privacy which later that day made international news headlines. We understand how important it is for our VIP chauffeur passengers to feel confident about the discretion of our professional chauffeur drivers when they need to discuss confidential matters.

The day was a huge success with seven other recipients being awarded Honorary Doctorates for outstanding contributions in their specific fields, including two local women, Kathryn Tickell who received a Doctor of Music award and Umme Imam who was made an Honorary Doctor of Civil Law. Again we were fortunate enough to provide the same dedicated, discreet chauffeur service for all eight of the honorands.

If you need to book a trip you can do so easily via our online booking system.

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