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Parkers Chauffeurs Spreading Easter Cheer with Metro Radio and Social Bird!

In a heartwarming collaboration with Metro Radio and Social Bird Newcastle, Parkers Chauffeurs embarked on a mission to bring Easter joy to local businesses in a unique and delightful way. The endeavour was part of a competition organised by Metro Radio, where businesses had the opportunity to win Easter eggs for their workplace, courtesy of Social Bird Newcastle.

After businesses registered for the competition, the anticipation was high as the lucky winners eagerly awaited the special Easter egg deliveries. Parkers Chauffeurs, known for their professional and reliable chauffeur services, took the lead in transporting a car full of Easter eggs to the chosen recipients. But that was not all – to add an extra sprinkle of magic, the Easter Bunny himself, along with popular presenters Steve and Karen from Metro Radio, joined the convoy in the luxurious chauffeur vehicles to hand-deliver the eggs.

The streets came alive with excitement as the Parkers Chauffeurs' fleet, adorned with colourful Easter decorations, made their way through the region. The sight of the Easter Bunny waving to passersby and the cheerful banter of Steve and Karen added to the festive atmosphere, spreading smiles and laughter wherever they went.

Through this initiative, Parkers Chauffeurs, Metro Radio, and Social Bird Newcastle not only brought happiness to the lucky winners but also fostered a sense of unity and positivity within the local community. The shared experience of spreading Easter cheer served as a reminder of the importance of kindness, connection, and making moments of joy in our everyday lives.

There was also a surprise for a classroom of children at a local school, one of their pupils had created a fantastic ‘wonky minute’ entry into their school Easter egg decorating competition which we all loved. Steve and Karen from Metro Radio were keen to meet the child who created it and award all the children in their class with an Easter egg.

As the last Easter egg was delivered with a smile and a heartfelt "Happy Easter," Parkers Chauffeurs, Metro Radio, and Social Bird Newcastle reflected on the power of collaboration and the beauty of bringing happiness to others. In a world where gestures of kindness shine bright, this Easter delivery was a shining example of how a simple act of giving can light up hearts and create lasting memories.


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