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Optimising Business Travel

Optimising Business Travel

Have you ever considered the real cost fo those longer journeys, when additional transfers at each end are added, not to mention the additional time taken waiting for connections to and from your destination? Are you travelling with a colleague? If so, the costs start to escalate significantly, as on public transport, you’ll pay per head for each leg of the journey!

At the beginning of this month rail fares rose by 3.8%, the biggest leap in a decade. At the same time, public transport fares in London also increased by 4.8% earlier this month.

The way to counter these burgeoning costs is simple. Book a Parkers chauffeur experience to take advantage of our highly efficient, discreet service to save you both time and money. You could even schedule more meetings in a single day with our dedicated ‘as directed’ service. You’ll have the option of working en route with our free onboard wi fi or just relaxing, so you arrive fresh and ready for whatever the day holds.

Our multi award winning chauffeur service, provided by our highly trained, professional team, can take you in complete comfort, to any location, throughout the entire UK! Whether you’re travelling alone or with colleagues, you’ll have an impressive choice of vehicles, including a top of the range SUV, executive and premium executive saloon cars or maybe one of our luxury 6/7 seater Mercedes MPV’s. Whatever your choice, rather than having to fit your itinerary around a public transport timetable, you’ll have the freedom and convenience of creating your own, to save both time and money on your next business trip.

We’re also environmentally friendly, as all of our journeys are carbon neutral. We offset all of our carbon emissions by planting trees (over 1300 in the last year alone). You can also have the choice of hybrid and fully electric vehicles if you’d prefer.

To discover the most efficient and relaxed way to travel to your next meeting, please call 0333 666 1777 for a no obligation quote or email with your requirements.


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