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New Intercity Saver Service

Beat the Train, let us take the strain, arrive refreshed, safe and ready for work in a chauffeur driven vehicle that in many cases is more cost efficient than 1st Class train travel!

Long Distance Chauffeur Driven Cars

A Parkers Chauffeur car can actually save you money on those longer journeys compared with travelling by train. With our new Intercity Saver Service we can show you how you can reduce your travel budget, whilst being a more efficient and safer way to still get to those important meetings.

By doing a direct comparison of costs with the often tortuous train journeys which include multiple connections, we can demonstrate how our hassle-free door to door executive car service can actually be cheaper than travelling by train. Not only that, we’ll save you time by dispensing with wasted time between connections and taxis at both ends of your journey. We’ll help to improve your efficiency to make each trip much more cost effective, by potentially scheduling in more meetings than you ever thought possible!

Taking your cost saving initiative one step further, if there is more than one passenger travelling, unlike with public transport, your savings not your costs will start to increase exponentially. The more passengers needing to travel, the larger vehicle we can provide and the greater the savings you can achieve. Put this together with our Coronavirus safety protocols and compliance means we offer one of the safest and efficient forms of travel, during these challenging times.

If you need to book a VIP chauffeur you can do so easily via our online booking system.

If you would like to discuss safety or any aspect of your requirement for a VIP chauffeur call us today on 0333 666 1222.


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