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Higher Levels of Activity!

Parkers Mercedes V Class and Private Jet

There are definite signs of a return of business in some sectors. We had three visits in one day to Samson Aviation, Newcastle Airport this week, for VIP visitors arriving by private aircraft! There were a couple of relatively local runs for business groups and one longer distance onward journey to the Scottish borders for a family from California. For the latter we were able to provide two MPV's, as their stay of up to three months meant there was rather a large quantity of luggage. Luckily we had already decided to remove the rear seats in the second vehicle so we could fit everything in! These larger vehicles really are a perfect combination of luxury passenger comfort with the versatility of excellent luggage capacity.

We hope this increased level of activity for VIP chauffeur services continues and that this will soon also be added to when more scheduled flight services return to the regions airports following the removal of some restrictions next week and hopefully the remainder on 21st June.


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