• Brian Rudd

Craving and audience... Life of a VIP Chauffeur

I know how myself and my colleagues are struggling with not being able to carry on our normal lives, having to keep at a distance from everyone else. Life as a VIP chauffeur can be wonderful as we are so used to sometimes being up close to some really interesting people, including famous and talented individuals. Can you imagine how incredibly difficult it must be for those of them who are used to performing to audiences of 100’s or even 1000’s of people? If we are getting a bit ‘stir crazy’, it must be immeasurably harder to endure for them!

I can only sit and reminisce about the great times I’ve had with visiting artists over the years. I remember some years ago looking after Robert Plant, lyricist, musician and lead singer of Led Zeppelin, on a visit to an event in Newcastle. Just by way of polite conversation I asked him if he’d ever been here before and of course he said he’d been here many times in fact, since the late 1960’s! He said he’d done some gigs at a club above a service bus office near the Haymarket. That clicked with me immediately and recognised it as the legendry Club a’Gogo. As soon as I mentioned the name, he said ‘that’s it’! That was a regular venue at the time for me and my best mate Dave and I remember it did have a fantastic reputation of attracting aspiring new bands such as the Rolling Stones, The Who, Jimmy Hendricks and may more famous acts! This is certainly a highlight from my days as a VIP chauffeur.

Parkers VIP Chauffeur service often get asked to look after visiting artists and they cover all genres of music, such as Kris Kristofferson famous for his Country Rock and Folk music, Jose Carerras and Andrea Bocelli for classical, Chris Martin of Coldplay fame and Katy Perry famous for their rock and pop music contributions. Sometimes we even get treated to our own live performances often as backstage observers or in the case of Chris Martin in the back of one of our cars when he sang to his then partner Gwyneth Paltrow! So you see, it’s not only the performers that yearn for things to get back to normal. We too miss the excitement of the everyday experiences!

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