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Meeting interesting people via our chauffeur service is always a highlight!

Chauffeur Driven Car To Important Meeting

One of the most fascinating parts of providing a chauffeur driven car is the really interesting people you get to meet. Sometimes this involves spending many hours with a client getting to know them a little better than just as a passing stranger and perhaps discovering something new about their own business.

A case in point is the luxury interior design company, Bernard Interiors, that we worked with recently. It was absolutely fascinating to learn how they plan and execute the fabulous transformations of everything from private client projects to luxury healthcare and retirement residences. As with most successful businesses, time is the most precious commodity that most of us don’t have enough of these days. From their local Newcastle base and being recognised as being at the top of their game, they service clients across the entire UK. Naturally, that gives rise to a great deal of travelling which could ultimately mean many hours of lost, unproductive hours behind the wheel.

Fortunately, we were able to offer a viable, cost effective alternative. Our chauffeur driven car service provides a comfortable, safe environment in which to work en route, enabling more efficient use of time, perhaps preparing for a forthcoming meeting, taking important calls or to answer those urgent emails. In this way we’re able to give back some of those wasted hours in an otherwise hectic schedule. We’re nothing if not flexible, as we’re at your disposal for as long as we’re needed. Even more can be achieved, perhaps squeezing in an extra meeting to make the trip as efficient and cost effective as possible. No more waiting for public transport connections, as we provide a true door to door chauffeur driven car to make the best use of the time available.

If you need to book a trip you can do so easily via our online booking system.

If you would like to discuss any VIP or executive travel plans then we’d love to hear from so contact us here.

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