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Essential Travel and Coronavirus

Coronavirus Travel Advice

As the Coronavirus continues to wreak havoc on global business, as company owners and senior executives we know you still need to keep the wheels turning and get around as best you can; Perhaps transport to an essential meeting, travel to the airport or you just require your own safe space, with peace and quiet to make your travel productive.

For those essential journeys

One of our executive vehicles will ensure you’ll arrive at your destination securely whilst cool, calm and collected, in the hands of our trained chauffeur drivers. Your safety and that of our drivers is our primary concern – under our Coronavirus guidelines, we’re providing drivers with hand sanitiser and disinfectant wipes so that they can maintain a clean and safe environment, cleaning every touch point, following every journey.

If you’re using our services and are away from the office, our technology makes it easy for you, colleagues and family to follow your car and get both your driver’s details and car registration – all from the comfort of their smartphone.

So, for those essential journeys, where you need to travel safely, securely and reliably – choose Parkers Executive Chauffeurs.

Our Coronavirus health and safety policy

With the issues of health and safety rightly at the forefront of everyone’s mind, the wellbeing of our passengers, drivers and employees is our number one priority. The points below set out our approach around the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19).

Our policy is precisely in line with the Public Health England (PHE) guidelines – issued by the UK government and regularly updated, which states:

· To continually assess the Government’s risk level assessment, which means we continue to operate normally but taking all measures to ensure passenger and driver safety.

· To continuously adhere to and assess Public Health England precautions for our drivers and employees to help prevent spreading of the virus, including regular hand-washing and on the go cleaning through the provision of hand-sanitiser.

· To ensure we check on individuals who’ve recently travelled from high-risk areas, or those who we believe they are showing symptoms of a cough and a raised temperature to conduct an NHS online assessment or if more immediately concerned to contact NHS 111 before booking any travel.

· To require drivers and employees who believe they may have been exposed to or are developing symptoms consistent with COVID-19 to report to us, conduct an online NHS assessment, of if more urgent assistance is needed call the NHS 111 helpline immediately.

We believe we have robust contingency measures in place to ensure we continue to deliver our service under any eventuality whilst including in the case of the spread of COVID-19.

In addition to the above PHE advice, Parkers Executive Chauffeurs have created our own measures, including the mandatory provision of hand-sanitiser to all vehicles, drivers and employees and regular disinfectant spraying inside of all vehicles, along with the usual procedure of regular car washes.

We will continue to closely monitor Government and Public Health England advice and stand ready to make any necessary changes to ensure the highest level of protection for our passengers, employees and our drivers.

Parkers Executive Chauffeurs are committed to doing everything we can to ensure that drivers and employees fully follow NHS Direct and 111 advice, including self-isolation, if necessary.

Book your travel here or contact us for specific advice on your travel needs.


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