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Discovering the Best of the North East

When a two-day trip to the North East becomes a five day one

Chauffeur Driven Car To Alnwick Castle

We have clients from all over the world coming here to the North East to experience our breath-taking scenery, incredible history and outstanding cultural heritage. It’s easy to see why so many visitors are captivated by what they find when they do venture to this sometimes overlooked gem of delights.

I recall one such group from Australia who wanted to explore some of the area with a particular interest in the British explorer Captain Cook, born locally of course, in Marton-in-Cleveland. It was also from local fishing port of Whitby where he set sail on his voyage of discovery to Australia and New Zealand. Their visit was originally supposed to be for one or two days, as part of an itinerary spanning the whole of the country. As part of our initial dialogue with the group, we discovered their broader interests, so offered a number of different tour suggestions and they became more and more eager to explore as many of these as they could. As a result the North East part of their UK itinerary eventually got stretched to five days! I can confidently say that their horizons were certainly widened that week.

Besides the obvious Captain Cook connections locally, we also managed to show the group some of our other delights such as breath-taking Teasdale, world heritage Durham and on up into Northumberland to explore the near 2000 years old Hadrian’s Wall and the magnificent Alnwick Castle. I believe they were genuinely surprised and blown away by what the region has to offer. There was so much to try to pack into an already busy schedule, they left us promising to return to discover more!

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