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December Newsletter 2020

A Year In Summary

It’s been another year of ups and downs and as with many businesses, I suspect, progress was being impeded by Covid restrictions in the first half of 2021. Despite this, we managed to keep going, helping those still needing to travel, in a safe Covid secure environment.

Whilst things were quieter, we took the opportunity to develop a completely new-look website, adding additional features and services. At the same time, we have also continued to invest in our fleet, with no less than four new vehicles, adding both hybrid and fully electric options. With our carbon offset policy of planting trees to mitigate all carbon emissions still firmly in place and now offering new vehicle choices, these will also help companies and individuals to lower their own carbon footprint just by booking journeys with Parkers.

As a result of all the new upgrades, we thankfully, once again, have a rapidly expanding client base, gaining some new key corporate and private customers, who now use our services regularly. These include some celebrities and high profile VVIP clients, however, owing to our discretion policy, we don’t disclose details or names. It is, however, worth having a look at our Testimonials page on the website for some outstanding recommendations.

We’ve been privileged to be involved with some very high profile events, including sports, entertainment and global meetings such as the recent COP26 Climate Change Conference in Glasgow.

Our determination to emerge stronger from the trials and tribulations of the last 20 months has indeed paid off for us, with Parkers Executive Chauffeurs winning not one but two prestigious accolades. The first was winning Silver for ‘Chauffeur Company of the Year’ in the National Qsi Industry Awards alongside the Bronze ‘Environmental Award’.

The Qsi Award stands for quality, service and innovation and as the whole team puts in a huge amount of effort into achieving and maintaining the very highest standards, these awards are a very welcome recognition from industry peers.

Despite this years challenges, we are looking forward to making new partnerships in 2022 and continuing to lead the way by striving for perfection through dedication and innovation.

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