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Captured Time Travel

More and more clients are discovering the benefits of using our stress-free chauffeur car travel, particularly for some of those longer journeys. It gives passengers the opportunity to have a much more productive day, by capturing all of that otherwise wasted time of travel connections and often having to suffer unsuitable working environments when using public transport. All that waiting around for trains, planes and taxis to reach your destination can quickly add up to a huge chunk of your working day that could be utilised in a much more efficient way. With our “as directed” door to door service you could even schedule in more meetings in a day than you ever thought possible!

Just last week we provided one of our prestige chauffeur cars for one of our clients to be transported along with her customer to Manchester for an important meeting. During the journey our client commented how she found it invaluable being able to work whilst travelling, with access to our free wi fi and also being able to liaise directly with her customer en route, in a safe and secure environment. By providing our door to door chauffeur service our client was able to maximise efficient use of her travelling time by making and receiving important phone calls, as well as answering urgent emails. One of the other key benefits of using a dedicated chauffeur car service she noticed, was the knowledge that suitable covid safety protocols were in place which made for a more comfortable and stress-free experience than travelling by public transport.

If you’re planning ahead and need to book our chauffeur car service or any executive travel, just go to our online booking system

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