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Are We Any Closer To Normality?

COVID-19 and travel…. Are We Any Closer to Normality?

Covid-19 Testing

Here we are at the beginning of week 8 of the lockdown and we hope you are all managing to cope with what already seems to be a lifetime! I guess what is on everyone’s mind is about how much longer we’re having to endure staying at home. Little did we realise a few weeks ago, how much we’d yearn to return to normality and even to return to work!

It does seem that we may at last have turned the corner, with the government allowing some easing of restrictions. Even for us in the chauffeur driven car business, we’ve seen a small but steady increase in the number of enquiries we’re receiving, so it’s encouraging to see people to start planning for at least some essential travel.

Of course, we’ve put very strict travelling and working protocols in place to ensure using our chauffeur driven car service continues to be one of the safest means of travel. Our cleaning and sanitising regime before and after each trip, ensures our chauffeur car environment is one of the safest around and will enable you to make that essential journey, but avoiding the higher risks of having to use public transport.

If you need to book a trip you can do so easily via our online booking system.

If you would like to discuss any VIP or executive travel plans then we’d love to hear from so contact us here.


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