Need a more environmentally travel solution?… Travel with Parkers!

For our clients, travel for critical meetings in which it is a must that they are conducted face inevitably means unavoidable carbon emissions from your travel itineraries – these need to be compensated for.

When you travel with Parkers Executive Chauffeurs we give you total peace of mind by providing our clients with innovative carbon neutral travel. We do this via planting trees to offset our carbon footprint and we are the first and only chauffeur company in the UK to help protect the environment in this way. 

Our scheme is assured by the UK governments woodland carbon code. Meaning last year, we planted over 600 trees (2019), this year we’ll plant over 750!

This involves calculating how much our travel generates in greenhouse gas emissions, then buying a certificate or share in a project that aims to reduce emissions by that same amount via tree planting. We choose tree planting because trees have a huge capacity to absorb carbon from the atmosphere.

So, if you must have eco friendly travel, the you must try the Parkers Executive Chauffeurs Carbon Neutral travel solution.

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